Saturday, 20 February 2010

Kitchen Music! Prepare your drums!


IKEA Contest

IKEA Contest


Stomp out Loud - Kitchen

Ovviamente, nessuno di questi aveva un Durian in cucina! :-D

Un consiglio: se siete a Londra, e avete un po' di tempo a vostra disposizione, andate a vedere gli Stomp all'Ambassadors Theatre (sono lì da secoli, e vi rimarranno a lungo) ne vale davvero la pena, non mi credete? Guardate qua 
Se cliccate su "The Experience", troverete dei video (ma attenti al volume è altissimo, se avete le cuffie è letale, prima aggiustate il volume eventualmente )

PS: per gli amici pescaresi (ma anche per gli altri in ordine sparso sul mappamondo) quando arrivo mettiamo su un gruppo musicale in cucina :-P

English Please!

If you are in London, I suggest you to go to see the Stomp at the Ambassadors Theatre (they are there for ages, and I can bet they will stay there for a long time)
If you wanna see more videos click on "The Experience", but be careful, the volume of the music is awfully loud! I suggest you to take care of it before putting your headphones on :-)

PS: Hey, interested on playing with us in the kitchen? Bring your instrument!
(Yes, salt and pepper pots are considered musical instruments! :P)


  1. beh, ovviamente prenderò spunto :D

  2. Oh yes, count me in, I wanna be in that band!! (I'll play the drums with my fork and knife and plate really loudly if I'm starving and no one brings me arrosticini :P).

    Loved the video with the fruits and their dialogs, it was funny :)) We'll miss you, banana drummer... *burp*
    And the Stomp one was great too! We go we gooooo one day :D

    (Animal, you rock!)

  3. @ Fed: dobbiamo trovare una location! :-D

    @ Zeb: arrosticini are finished, sorry...burp! :P
    When I've seen him eating the banana I thought "No no nooooo the drummer!!!"

    Yes, we go! :-D

    (Animal is faking a sort of blushing :-D)